Slot machine malfunction 42 million

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LADY Luck played a cruel trick on a gambler in Colorado when a slot machine had her thinking she'd won $US42 million."People were coming up to me and saying I won $42 million," Louise Chavez told KDRV FOX31. "Lights were flashing, it sounded like a fire truck, the screen said 'see attendant'."

It is one in a million to just about $42 million dollars on a casino slots machine. Imagine you won and they will tell you it was a glitch and you did not win anything at all.The New York State Gaming Commission said Bookman’s slot machine malfunctioned. “Malfunctions void all pays and plays,” a... Woman Wins Over $42 Million On Slot Machine, Casino Calls… A woman won $42,949,672.76 on a slot machine (and even took a selfie with the cash out screen) but the casino called the win a 'software malfunction.' Woman's $43M slot machine win was 'malfunction' $42,949,672.76."But when she returned to the casino the next day, Bookman says she was told she didn’t win anything as the machine was malfunctioning. In fact, the New York State Gaming Commission told Bookman the machine is only supposed to pay out a maximum win of $6,500.

Call it the $42.9 million dollar selfie. Katrina Bookman flashed her multi- million dollar smile. Behind her, on her slot machine screen, evidence of her mega win.She already earmarked the millions, to buy a barber shop for her son and the a big chunk she would give back to her community.

Call it the almost $42.9 million selfie. Katrina Bookman flashed her multi-million dollar smile as a slot machine screen appeared to show evidence of her mega win. Woman may sue NYC casino after being told $42 million jackpot was... Jackpot Malfunction. In this Oct. 3, 2014 photo, a visitor to the Resorts World Casino at the Aqueduct racetrack plays an electronic slot machine, in the Queens borough of New York.

Queens gambler says Resort World Casino officials blamed her $43M jackpot on slot machine malfunction ... Casino said her $43 million slot machine win was a technical glitch — and tried to pay ...

Queens gambler says Resort World Casino officials... - NY Daily… $42,949,642.76. "I couldn't believe it," Bookman told the Daily News. "My body went numb." But instead of a giant check like the big-timeThe commission said any malfunction makes the game, and any jackpot, null and void. The slot machine was pulled from the casino floor and fixed after the incident. $42.9 million slot jackpot should have been $20 – The Denver…

Veronica Castillo, 42, is upset after apparently winning an $8 million jackpot at a casino only to be told that the slot machine made a mistake. She ended up being given $80 as a consolation prize.

Blog: You’ve Won Millions! – Or the Slot Was Broken? Katrina Bookman won $42.9 million, Jerry Rape won $1.3 million and Veronica Castilla hit the $8.5 million jackpot at different casinos. Their celebration lasted barely a few minutes though. Video Poker: Machine Malfunctions | Gaming and Destinations In this case, it really was a malfunction since the top prize on the display glass was $6,500, even though the machine flashed $42,949,672.76 and the woman was smart enough to take a selfie. Slots Gambler Sues New York City Casino for $43 Million A woman is suing a Queens, New York casino for nearly $43 million in damages, claiming the casino did not pay a slot machine jackpot. Instead, the woman claimed